Inventory Force provides a bespoke service for agents who want to ensure their landlords are protected. We provide a professional and speedy service making sure that all our reports are in depth and cover every detail necessary. As a third party our reports are unbiased and protects both the landlord and tenant. This gives a clear view on how the property is handed over so if there is ever a dispute the document provides evidence which is extremely clear.

The services we provide are:

:: Inventory Reports

:: Check In Reports

:: Check Out Reports

:: Interim Inspections

We cover South East London and various areas of Kent & Croydon.


Inventory Report

The Inventory Report details the state of which the property and its contents are in at the time of the inspection. It limits the possibility of there being a dispute as our reports give clarity to all parties.

Check In Report

The Check In Report is carried out prior to tenants moving into a property and ensures that they are happy with the condition in the property and the contents of the Inventory. Should there be any discrepancies the tenant can comment and notes can be added to the report before being passed on and remedial action can be taken where necessary.

Check Out Report

The Check Out Report is carried out once the tenants have vacated a property. The report compares the condition of the property at the end of the tenancy with the Inventory or Check In Report. Any discrepancies are noted and a report is compiled showing any damages or breakages.

Interim Report

The two major benefits of an Interim report is, if there are any problems that are arising they can be addressed before becoming a major issue and secondly if the property isn’t being maintained to a standard that is deemed acceptable, action can be taken to begin evicting the tenant.

All of our reports have photographic and written evidence and are limitless on the size depending on the condition of the venues where reports are being conducted. A standard report will only include inspecting the; Kitchen, 1 lounge/living room, hallway(s), bedroom(s), a main bathroom & any separate toilets. Additional rooms: dining rooms, extra bathrooms/shower rooms, conservatories, cellars, gardens and furnished balconies and will be charged an additional £10 per room.